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IRS Form A What It Is and How to Complete It

But a few things won't disqualify you from filing this tax return. Home Income Tax Blog Post. Taxpayers who use tax software to prepare their returns usually don't have to worry about which tax form to use. You can also report unemployment compensation, Social Security and railroad retirement benefits, and Alaska Permanent Fund dividends. To help keep federal income tax interest and penalties to a minimum, mail in your tax form as soon as possible.

IRS Form A What It Is and How to Complete It

You might not notice much of a difference if your tax situation is simple enough that you qualified to file a A in previous years. If you file your tax form late and owe taxes, you may be charged a failure to file penalty unless you have reasonable cause for filing late. The first thing you should do is complete your tax forms to figure out exactly how much you owe in back taxes.

Although the A is easier to complete than the long form, you might still need some forms and reference materials. You're limited to the long form if you want to itemize your other deductions, but taking the standard deduction is often more beneficial for most taxpayers anyway. It's a lose-lose for everyone involved.

You have approximately three years to claim a federal income tax refund. All this is about to change, however. If you receive dependent care benefits, that's fine. The theory is that if you can qualify to file a simpler return, it reduces the odds that you'll make a mistake that can snarl up the tax filing process. The software will automatically select the form that's most appropriate based on your income and deductions.

If you're preparing your tax return by hand and your finances are pretty straightforward, you might want to start with Form A. Doing so may greatly reduce the amount you pay in past due federal income tax, penalties, and interest. Just prepare your income tax forms and mail them in as soon as possible. If you have any other types of income such as business income reported on Schedule C or capital gains reported on Schedule D, you're stuck with using the Form long form.

Forms and Instructions (PDF)

There's no statute of limitations for assessing and collecting federal income tax if no income tax return has been filed. Using this test can help their college students obtain larger financial aid packages simply because they're eligible to file Form A.

Eligibility and IRS Reference Material for Filing the Short Form 1040AA Form and InstructionsForms and Instructions (PDF)

If that best describes your situation, don't stress yourself out. You'll be obligated to use this new, improved form going forward. Until then, however, farming system pdf you can still use Form A if your tax situation falls within certain perimeters. They also have to forego itemizing and claim the standard deduction instead. Knowing exactly how much you owe in back taxes for income tax year may help you sleep better tonight.

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