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In Dublin, Irishmen were fighting and killing Irishmen. One of these items is dispatched sooner than the other. Try and imagine how this would feel! Sometimes, I find the books I love the most are the most difficult to formulate a review for. For me how an author chooses and lines up his words is very important.

Barry is certainly one of the writers who is still able to reach out, meaningfully and in a new way, to the reader. Their fear and their instinctive horror engulfs the reader.

This narrator has to be added to my favorites list, at least for Irish literature. Again I must explain how much I like the writing style, particularly the brogue of the men in the trenches and the total lack of melodrama. Tell me, Barbara and Dawn, how you react to this chapter? How do I sum up my feelings?

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There were so many instances where the behaviour he described was quite clearly modern e. But then there broke off a splinter group that opposed any fighting done for the King, the oppressor, he who stood in the way of Home Rule.

It was sad, it was cruel and it was amazingly realistic. How quickly their parts were un-stitched. Barry's lyrical language and his insights into the human psyche were remarkable. This is something very hard to comprehend to those of us who have not fought in wars.

You need a strong stomach to read this through to the end knowing that it is probably all too accurate an account, but it is certainly worth doing so. There is a level tone, a distance to how the events are related. That's a feat to do in but words. They were seriously grinning.

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Willie also had to leave his girlfriend behind along with his youthful innocence. Quotes from A Long Long Way.

He seamlessly blends point of view and controls the release of information to create tight insights that grip the reader. There wasn't a clean or elegant sentence in the whole book. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. In recent years his fiction writing has surpassed his work in the theatre in terms of success, having once been considered a playwright who wrote occasional novels. Willie Dunne is credible and likeable and that allows the reader to stick with him even when the descriptions of the day to day conditions of life in the trenches become unbearable.

All downloaded files are checked. The storyline also drew me in in its own right. The sights and smells and cacophony were so overpowering.

It is not long, of course, before Willie realises just how bloody his manhood will be. Sebastian Barry is an Irish playwright, how to print a pdf document that is secured novelist and poet. Irish author and playwright Sebastian Barry has created a powerful new novel about divided loyalties and the realities of war.

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This is a book that sits on your heart and presses upon your mind. There are no glamorous scenes of beautiful scenery, red sunsets or love stories. The story is episodic, but this is hardly surprising given that it's about the experiences of an Irish volunteer in the great war.

This lack of melodrama makes the horror of the war seem even worse because you realize these are the true events with not a smidgen of exaggeration. There were instructions in his soldier's small-book for the cleaning of khaki. This is the only portion of the book where the dialect caused me some confusion.

The emotional bravery of the last two letters and the bigger bravery of fighting when it seems no one cares. He also manages to foreshadow the threatening war with such a heavy hand, that if this were a cheap movie you'd have foreboding music score right there. Can you make a poison-thrower, just like the flame-thrower? Barry is one for the set piece and the convoluted sentence. Despite the chasm, there is a preponderance of evidence about what it was like being at the front.

One of the most vivid and realised characters of recent fiction, Willie Dunne is the innocent hero of Sebastian Barry's highly acclaimed novel. In many ways my response to Barry has been as profound as to another Celtic poet novelist, the Scot Andrew Greig.