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See all venues in Prenzlauer Berg. Have to take into consideration the amount of tourists looking to rock these places, but the club managers and door men may not be so keen on letting you in. If you liked the Watergate, you might also like Club de Visionaire.

A Guide to the Best Swinger Clubs in Berlin

If you like the raw clubs you can go to Golden Gate or Tresor. In January there will be lots of cool parties and even some give-away tickets. The clubs in Berlin are very versatile and the prices are very reasonable.

August and would like to know if it's worth going there for the ladies alone cause i can have fun whereever i can pickup girls. Hi Patrick, partnersuche osteuropa test if the weather is great there are so many awesome things to do in Berlin. The club is located directly at the Spree and still has this same unique feel to it. This is where they offer different music-styles and no lines. Lots of entertainment even for me with my urban culture background.

They are both fantastic joints tho. Need a lady companion to show me around the beautiful city. The club is located in the Sonnenallee and can be reached by traveling to the station with the same name.

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LGBT Berlin
  • We need I feel some escorts for the nights to help take us to the best clubs.
  • Background music is piped throughout and is usually electronic or house.
  • Bewust even in het Engels, je kunt eens op Enjoy-Berlin.
  • So just take some time to listen to the music before the party so you get a good idea of what to expect.

Hi Scott, I do not know yet what would be the best places to go in June. Yes I will but I will publish it in the end of April. Since I live in Berlin I never seen any aggression or unfriendly behavior towards asians. If he will be playing around that time and I find out later, I will let you know! It's unmarked save for an eerily glowing photograph of Samuel Beckett in the window, single kochkurse so you'll need to ring a doorbell to gain access to this Prenzlauer Berg bar.

  1. If you tell me the exact date that you will be in Berlin I can give you some specific advice.
  2. Your involvement in this blog is great!
  3. Hi Ilya, Great that you are coming to Berlin.
  4. There is a jacuzzi, steam bath and sauna as well as plenty of play areas to explore the other guests.

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10 of the best cocktail bars in Berlin

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Bebel Bar and Lounge
How to Survive a Sex Party in Berlin
A Guide to the Best Swinger Clubs in Berlin

Party in Berlin The best parties in July

If not possible then good latina bar with dancefloor. Unfortunately I have not checked the parties for October but I will publish that article next week. The Berlin Swingers and Gangbang Guide. Hi Ray, rostock single party Unfortunately I have not checked the parties for October but I will publish that article next week. Please read this page for more informations Contact Us.

The 5 Best Swinger Clubs in Berlin
Party in Berlin The best parties in July 2019


Hi there, Me and my wife are going to Berlin sometime in May and wanna party, I know you do schedule on April but maybe you know some info on May. On Berlin-Enjoy you can find articles about clubs in Berlin on a regular basis, but in this article we will present the best locations to party in Berlin in the current month. Looking forward to the May edition. You will be fine, most people in Germany speak English. Maybe you could try the Matrix-Club?

The Griessmühle is one of the many clubs in Berlin with an awesome location. It is quite hard to get in, but the place is definitely worth a visit. If it worked last time and you still feel comfortable doing it, you might as well do it the same way now. Would greatly appreciate it. Berlin is a vast city and tracking down the elusive door that is going to lead you to nocturnal heaven can be tricky.

We are looking for a brazilian bar where everybody dances to brazilian funk music. Do u think we can find open club on sunday? So I would suggest you make the best of the time you are waiting and if you will not get in you can always try another club in the same area. We will add the parties for November in that updated article and I am quite sure there will be a few nice techno-parties in the weekend you are visiting Berlin.

We are looking for a place were we can get waisted and have a great time. The location reminds most visitors of an underground warbunker and the rough techno and excessive use of blacklight make a night in the Tresor a special experience. The winners will be published on social Media on the day of the actual party.

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Want to know the best places in Berlin for electro and what the best days are to go out in Berlin. Do you have any tips where should we party while visiting Berlin? Most clubs in Berlin offer music-styles like Techno, Deephouse and House.

In the good clubs there are no real guarentees. Weekend is always a sure win for just about anyone. There are also plenty of cool open-airs on sunday.

Just wanted to remind you. First, thank you for this blog! Because Berlin has so many different clubs to offer, it can be useful to get some help when you are choosing the right place to visit. There is a cinema on site which makes for a very popular play room. Are you planning to share the party plan for August?

10 of the best cocktail bars in Berlin

Choosing events and parties obviously is closely connected to taste and subjectivity. In the end of May I will publish my party-calender for June. Will let you know if i discover some blues.

Berlin Nightlife

The good thing is, that most techno-clubs are hard to get into. The people and the atmosphere is very laidback and especially in the summer this is a great place to visit. The good thing is, that the Ritter Butzke has the same entrance-prices as all the other clubs in Berlin.

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