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Walt cant help but stay on the lookout. Walt isnt angry, hes concerned.

Walt steps over and turns it off. Everythingyou describedmakes perfectsensein context.

That wouldve been perfect. Getting involvedwasnta calculatedmoveifhed hadtimetothinkaboutit maybehewouldnthave doneitatall. Walt, eyes focused upward and standing motionless as a statue, is too preoccupied to notice. Anderson and Justine Lopez. All Jesse has to do is sit tight and wait for him to pass out.

Assholesare gonnabe assholes. Once I tried to calculate them, but theyre astronomical. Third times the charm, he can feel it. ImightmakeLostoneofthe nextcollectionsIpost. Silence as Walt and Jesse each ponder that particular night, each absorbed in his own thoughts.

Rinses in the adjacent sink. Walt looks up from his numbers for the first time. Personally, confusionis whatgetsme. Walt glances over, his expression inscrutable.

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And a lot of that was done with barely any dialogue. Were point one-four percent off.

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Sets each item to dry in the third one. Why are we looking at this?

Specifically, of what happened after he left the bar. He crosses to the break room. Jesse turns and looks down at Walt, nonplussed. You know, two junkies with a duffel bag fulla cash? Thissequenceplaysout lightningfastintheshow thereisn'ttimetowonder whereWaltcamefromor whetherhehadaplan.

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Like on, um, on cold beer. No, hes gonna take his sweet time and finish his cigarette. The kind that one hangs like an unfurled roll of film. You dont decontaminate by contaminating further.

Once more, he looks to the ceiling. Walt is engrossed in his calculations. Mike Ehrmantraut was in the business to put money aside for his granddaughter. The shoe dislodges and falls to the ground below.

It'sbeenthe benchmarkI'vebeen workingtowardsfor thelastsevenyears, butthat'sme. Let the traps do the work. Theyre actually creepy and disgusting. LearnMore acrosseverypage. Jesse pulls on his hoodie or somesuch, unconcerned.

The story of Walter White and his blue meth cooking alter ego Heisenberg, fundamentals of electric circuits pdf Breaking Bad goes down in my book as one of the greatest television series of all time. Idon'tthinkan averageamateur writerwouldgeta gigbywritingas muchdescription asVincedoes. Because thescriptisbeing rewrittento whatever'sonscreen soisn'tactually representativeofwhat awriterdelivered? Theydidn'tlook likescriptpages.

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Thats what science teaches us. Walt struggles with his heavy burden. After a second to recover, his hand to his head, Walt checks his palm for fly guts. Jesse, his Tyvek half off with the sleeves tied around his waist, checks a few dials.

When I was coming up, it was just possum. Jesse studies Walt, worried for him. Thisalso tellstheLineProducer thatBryanCranston orhisstandin doesn'thavetositin thecarinb. This fly is a major problem for us.

And I am not going to expose this batch to the open air and contamination. He picks it up and examines the filter.

Hes been sitting here awhile, having given up on any chance of slumber hours ago. Not like I even seen this thing! Walt stands here, haunted by his memories of that night.

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Not even listening, in fact. Hopes he dodged that bullet. Now that we know what were seeing, these images arent quite so beautiful.

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Were not sure there is anything like this, but we want to give Jesse a bit of business before he can open the tank. Just like that time back in Ep.

In other words, his chase amps up as he follows this fly around the lab. The sweet Jesse of earlier is gone. This paragraphisn'tforthe casualreader. The end of a very long day. Andthey wouldn'tbe makingmoney offsomebody elsesworkifit weren'tforme.