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But this raises its own sorts of epistemological questions. Interestingly, while Morgan accepts this argument against the identity thesis, she seems to hold to a version of the epistemological dependency thesis. Second, do the computational models that are the basis of the simulations represent the target system correctly?

Some notes on systems models and modelling. Hacking intended to convey two things with this slogan. Validation of an integrated decision support and expert system for analysis of individual sow-herd performance. There are cases in which different results can be obtained as a result of variations in any of these particulars.

They point out that computer simulations do not work the way Unruh's simulation works. Morrison, is probably the most forceful defender of emphasizing this aspect of the similarity of experiment and simulation. After a slow start, philosophers of science have begun to devote more attention to the role of computer simulation in science.

Another line of thinking about fictions is concerned with the question of what sorts of representations in science ought to be regarded as fictional. She argues that while the epistemic motivation for doing experiments on C. What is the fractal dimension of the attractor for systems of this kind?


Formal aspects of model validity and validation in system dynamics. It was profoundly wrong to think that logical deduction was the right tool for rationally reconstructing the process of theory application. Simulations make creative use of calculational techniques that can only be motivated extra-mathematically and extra-theoretically.

Safety Hazard Identification on Construction Projects. Previous Figure Next Figure. Methodological limitations in the evaluation of policies to reduce nitrate leaching from New Zealand agriculture.

Comparisons of some tests for validation of stochastic simulation models. Reliability of computational science.

But verification and validation are not, strictly speaking, so cleanly separable. Weakly emergent properties are characteristic of complex systems in nature. The use of spectral analysis to validate peanning models. Whether or not the pendulum's inner fulcrum is held fixed a fact which will determine whether the relevant model is analytically solvable has no bearing on the semantics of the elements of the model.

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He also argued that it is misleading to think that the epistemology of simulation is cleanly divided into an empirical part verification and a mathematical and computer science part validation. Establishing the credibility of simulations. But some simulation models are hybrids of different kinds of modeling methods. Simulation of throughput from remote batch entry terminals.

Validation, verification, and testing techniques throughout the life cycle of a simulation study. Hacking suggests that experimental results can remain stable even in the face of dramatic changes in the other parts of sciences.

Credibility of models panel discussion. Two methods for decreasing the flexibility gap in national energy systems. Perhaps a better expression would be that they carry their own credentials. Statistical aspects in a simulation study. Hospital Admissions Systems.

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They make use of a variety of techniques to draw inferences from these numbers. On the former front, there seem to be two problems with Guala's argument against the identity thesis.

Home Management Science Vol. The Management of Simulation Validation. Economic implications of herbicide resistance and high labour costs for management of annual barnyardgrass Echinochloa crus-galli in Philippine rice farming systems.

There are deep material similarities between, and some of the same material causes are at work in, pd170 manual pdf the central processor of the computer and the silicon device being studied. Guide to credible computer simulations of fluid flows.