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So the Consumer Protection Act was passed in to offer the necessary protection to consumers and provide an elaborate mechanism to deal with consumer grievances and disputes. Choice, information, safety and right to be heard were recognized. Hence, they must in their own long run interest, become consumer oriented. They do not understand their rights.

So, the sample of the project is very small. The objective of this project is to assess the people of different class in the society about different aspects of consumer awareness viz. What should you do after tenth class? In what class did edward first caress Bella?

Technical measures consist of Standardization of the product. Write a bunch of questions related to your research and hand out copies for people to fill. To make the programme popular a prize of Rs. But your claim must state actual loss and the compensation claim must be reasonable.

Penalties of non-compliance of the orders given by the quasi-judicial bodies have also been provided. Incase there are discrepancies, the same should be brought to the notice of the sponsors and the appropriate authority, if need be. The district forums are headed by the person of the rank of a District Judge. Lastly, it is clear from Table No.

Which day is observed as World Population Day? Sometime we could not solve difficult question like examples.

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There are many consumer organisations and associations who are making efforts to build consumer awareness, taking up their cases at various levels and helping them to enforce their rights. Consumer awareness is a broader and wider concept. But for the project concerned deliberate sampling method is used.

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This Act extends to the whole of India except to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. However, it may be admitted even after the lapse of two years if sufficient cause is shown for the delay. According to this method, for selecting a sample no specific procedure is used, rather the investigator, according to his own desire selects those households which represent the universe fully. This price is known as Control Price.

For example, when your father buys apple for you and you consume them, your father as well as yourself are treated as consumers. How is consumer exploited? On the other hand, networking and internetworking devices pdf consumers have to be aware not only of the commercial aspects of sale and purchase of goods but also of the health and security aspect. Each student interviewed the head of the family relating to different aspects of consumer awareness mentioned in the questionnaire.

Any individual consumer or association of consumers can lodge a complaint with the District, State or National level forum, depending on the value goods and claim for compensation. The complaint can be written on a plain paper duly supported by documentary evidence in support of the allegation contained in the complaint. It is the moral responsibility of the business to serve the interest of consumers. Not if you are interested or motivated. However, none of these laws provide any direct relief to the consumers.

Popular in Consumer Goods. The main objective of these forums is to provide for a simple, speedy and inexpensive redressal of consumers grievances. Your email address will not be published. Selling of medicine beyond their expiry dates is generally the grievances of consumers. It regularly brings out journals, brochures, booklets and various posters depicting the rights and responsibilities of consumers, redressal machineries etc.

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Numerous complaints about defective goods have been heard by consumer fora over the years. You just clipped your first slide! But sometimes government interferes in the market systems by fixing the price lower than the equilibrium price, to protect the interest of the consumers belonging to the lower strata of the society. What is the minimum qualification of Justin bieber? You can write how the speed and velocity of hitting a volleyball affects where it bounces.

But Consumer exploitation is very rampant these days. Accordingly it covers all types of movable property other than money and includes stocks and shares, growing crops, etc. Consumers get exploited in many ways through the more dominating and knowledgeable sources. Since the study is limited to Bhubaneswar city only, all the respondents are of urban background.

The poster and slogan competition on consumer protection are also organised at various level. As a result, producers succeeded in exploiting consumers. The consumers may take the advantage of this system to solve their problems. The producers take full advantage of this indifferent behaviour of consumers and succeed in exploiting them.

Which subject we should take for i. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Thus, right to safety is an important right available to the consumer which ensures that the manufacturers shall not produce and sell sub-standard and dangerous products. Different types of diagrams are used to represent the data. There are many ways by which consumers are exploited.

Broadly speaking, this right means that consumers have a right to be consulted by Government and public bodies when decisions and policies are made affecting consumer interests. This right has three interpretations.

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