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Well, shouldn't you give them the best places to relax and have fun as well? Costa Rica's terrain varies between coastal plains and rugged mountains. Check out the free Costa Rica Guide on Nature.

Relax and enjoy luxuriating in our healing waters. My husband and I decided at the last minute to go to Costa Rica in late December. Weather and Microclimates of Costa Rica. Costa Rica Birding Guide Are you known for being a birder or is someone in your family crazy about birds?

Costa Rica holds top Luxury hotels, retreats and resorts. Once you arrive, discover Costa Rica's beautiful tropical wildlife on a riverboat trip. Costa Rica is in Central America. Visitors are also much less likely to suffer from stomach upset than in other countries in Central America. Wellness, Yoga, ad7524jn datasheet pdf and Relaxation all help you getaway to your meditation bliss.

Are you into relaxation and tranquility. It never has a negative connotation. Activities To-Do in Costa Rica. The soothing mineral waters are crystal clear and all natural, and the river flows through the pools constantly refilling them with water. Trade Paperback Arrow Icon ebook.

Do you know the real Costa Rica? This region is known for its white-sand beaches linked by an unpaved coastal road that may require fording rivers. Pass numerous rivers, waterfalls and mountains covered in dense forests on your drive, until you reach a banana plantation. Need help planning your vacation? Wake up in a vibrant metropolis, spend the day on a beach and then fall asleep to the sounds of nature in a jungle paradise, it is all possible.

Costa Rica has a fascinating ecological story, woven into the history of a peaceful and family-oriented culture. Buffet LunchYou will then be driven back to have a plentiful full buffet lunch. Under the high ceilings of the lovely main dining room, enjoy the ambiance that complements the surrounding jungle landscape.

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It is always a good idea to check with the locals about current road conditions before planning a day trip or taking off in your rental car. Costa Rica Top Destinations Travel to Costa Rica, and one thing that will always amaze you is the sheer diversity of landscapes and environments. Offbeat Cahuita and Puerto Viejo draw surfers and backpackers and serve as departure points for treks into indigenous reserves. Low Season in Costa Rica Want a deal on your trip?

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And here's the Costa Rica Guide to help. Costa Rica is approximately the same size as West Virginia. After receiving a safety briefing from your naturalist guide, embark on your canopy adventure. Get an up-close look at the park's great variety of flora and fauna as you ride among the canals.

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Costa Rica travel - Lonely Planet

There are a few things that are important to know about Costa Rica before visiting. Kilometerlong waves wash up at surf capital Pavones. Typical Costa Rican food and produce is quite inexpensive, while imported products are priced similarly to U. The bustling capital city is a handy hub for forays farther afield. The country has an intense array of environmental attractions - majestic volcanoes, misty cloud forests, stunning river valleys, and hundreds of beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Your family deserves the best. All in all, you are sure to enjoy yourself. The course takes you into a steep canyon over a turbulent river, where you will zipline, rappel and rock climb, cross hanging bridges and ride Tarzan swings. The big draw is Monteverde, a mountain idyll boasting attractions and activities that will hold your attention for days. Indigenous communities exist in isolation, but the easy-to-reach village of Boruca offers an initiation.

Welcome to the official site of Costa Rica

Trip solutions to your inbox. No experience required for this unique experience! Scuba diving, surfing, and sportfishing are key draws. Romance Vacations Guide A romantic getaway is only a plane ride away.

If you like nature, then you are going to love it here, where protected forests allow you to truly experience the environment. This guide is indispensable. You may also meet us at the park at am if you wish. So grab that cup of coffee, sit back, enjoy the videos and dig in. We use cookies to enhance your visit to us.

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Eating and Drinking Safely. Medical Tourism Guide Costa Rica is a top destination for medical treatments. There are plenty of options for dietary restrictions such as vegetarians, gluten free, and vegan.

The secluded, black-sand beaches of Tortuguero National Park are some of the most important breeding grounds for the green sea turtle. On arrival in La Fortuna, head to a local restaurant for a typical Costa Rican lunch of rice, beans, chicken or steak, and plantains, accompanied by a great view of Arenal. It gives a whole new perspective on time. Ensure you have the newest travel maps from Moon by ordering the most recent edition of our travel guides to Costa Rica. The hot springs water will feel great afterwards!

No matter even if you live here there's sure to be something we can help you with. Experience the love of your life in the country of your dreams. Come where the wild things are.