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Mailing Lists To ask questions or get help with any problems you are experiencing, send an email to the users mailing list. Tachometer Troubleshooting. After the pedal is released, the cruise control will take over. While driving on a long stretch of a highway for hours, it is quite possible that your legs, because of the efforts of maintaining continuous pressure on the gas pedal, may start to pain. Improper use of this technology may lead to problems.

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While in this mode, if you want to increase the speed, you will have to keep the Resume button pressed until you reach the speed you want. Personalized License Plate Ideas. Once you reach your desired speed, turn the cruise control system on.

When the driver needs the car to move at a constant speed, he takes the car to a speed he wants to set, and engages the cruise control function. This is both dangerous and unwise.

How to Use Cruise Control 7 Specific Things You Need to Know Well

When Setting Cruise Control is Inappropriate. Tips for Buying Used Four Wheelers. Many drivers prefer to drive a vehicle that has cruise control installed because of its convenience. This is due to frequent braking needed, which may deactivate the system very often.

Check for any oncoming obstacles before applying cruise control, particularly if it is your first time to use the system. Be aware that it is not a good idea to use cruise control if you are likely to suffer from driver fatigue.

It mainly uses a laser or radar-guided system that detects the distance of the vehicle ahead and prepares for braking, and accelerates when a clear lane is detected. Does Cruise Control Save Gas? Before activating this, you will have to drive the car at a speed that you intend to set for the drive and system to maintain. The system can be controlled with buttons. Key Stuck in the Ignition.


Using cruise control is a great way to control your speed when driving on the interstate. As a safety precaution, almost every model of car will deactivate the cruise control as soon as the brake is applied. Hydrogen Cars Pros and Cons.

This mainly depends on the type of system and controls that are available, as different brands may support different ways of operation. The car should maintain its speed. In need of sudden acceleration such as when overtaking, simply press on the gas and complete the task manually.


Your reaction time will be slower because you will have to deactivate the cruise control system before you slow down or stop. This is also a reason why the system is not suitable in heavy or city traffic. For further details about the configuration file, look at the Configuration Reference.

There are many other safety technologies that work in coordination with cruise control. Post photographs of automobiles you own or dream to buy!

This will likely entail simply pressing another button on the steering wheel. First, evaluate the driving conditions on the interstate. By doing so, the car will automatically maintain the specific speed.


How to Use Cruise Control

Typically, the related controls are placed on the left side of the steering wheel. Where to go Next Documentation For further details about the configuration file, look at the Configuration Reference. How to Open a Stuck Car Hood. How Adaptive Cruise Control Works.

If you want to deactivate cruise control, you just have to press on the brakes lightly, or the clutch in some cars. The CruiseControl wiki has a wealth of information, analisis quimico del agua pdf such as detailed scheduling scenarios.

To decelerate, either tap the appropriate button on the cruise control system or quickly apply the brake. The automobile industry keeps on inventing different systems in order to provide comfort and safety to drivers.

Bad Credit Motorcycle Financing. Automatic Transmission Problems. Defensive Driving Techniques and Tips. Cruise control on a long highway stretch is only a matter of commanding the system by pressing buttons. Symptoms of a Bad Control Arm Bushing.

Many drivers feel that being able to relax their legs while driving and not have to closely monitor their speed increases their likelihood of becoming fatigued at the wheel. Some companies have advanced systems which contribute to a safer drive. The technology is also referred to as speed control, autocruise and by various other names given by car brands. If you want to increase the speed gradually, keep pressing and releasing the Resume button for short durations, which will increase the speed by the rate of every mile each time you do so. Who Invented the First Car Ever?