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Such an approach seems more attune to the modern zap culture than the staid classificatory approaches taken by many cultural institutions at present. Cultural tourism includes tourism in urban areas, particularly historic or large cities and their cultural facilities such as museums and theatres. The involved managers are foreign businessmen whose relationship with the local tradition is totally epidermal.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Tourist based Tourist based definitions also generally start with the product or resource, but they concentrate on the purpose of visit of the tourists themselves.

Cultural tourism

These days, the visitor is more likely to be seeking part of their own story when they visit a museum - a piece of the puzzle which constructs their identity. It encompasses, in addition to art and literature, lifestyles, ways of living together, values systems, traditions and beliefs. However, as our research has shown, it would be hard to find a tourist who is not interested at least in part in some aspect of the culture of the destination they are visiting. The examples above display the different results that derive from the different perspectives for the local cultural context.

What is the difference between cultural visits on holiday cultural tourism and cultural visits undertaken during leisure time at home? Rather than taking culture for granted in the process of definition, perhaps culture should be placed at the centre of the picture. Definitions of Cultural Tourism What is cultural tourism? If we look at some of the actual definitions used in studies of cultural tourism, we can appreciate some of the differences between the approaches and the problems these pose.

What does Cultural tourism mean

One type of cultural tourism destination is living cultural areas. If counting cultural tourists is most important then a measurement approach should be adopted.

Positive effects as well as negative effects are being examined. Cultural Tourism and Leisure Studies.

The increasing pace of life and the feeling of disorientation and loss associated with modernity has ensured that the preservation of the past has become big business. On the other hand, I will examine a specific touristic attraction of the city of Hong Kong, the famous Bun Festival. Cultural tourism and business opportunities for museums and heritage sites. Discussions of the definition of cultural tourism may seem academic, but the question of definition can be crucial. The plentiful supply of cultural objects can also create major funding problems relating to the upkeep of historic structures and cultural venues.

This is a point which also becomes important from the point of view of defining cultural tourism. Other studies have tried to avoid the problem of definition in a different way, by constructing typologies that attempt to describe the different types of cultural tourists. Such figures are often quoted in studies of the cultural tourism market e.

These new leisure products provide more apparent choice for the consumer, in the hope that at least one of the elements will appeal to all potential visitors. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer.

Cultural tourism

Both of these activities involve the collection of new knowledge and experiences. Structuring the different definitional approaches in this way makes clear why no single definition of cultural tourism is likely to be adopted. Culture is a set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of society or a social group. Conclusion Modern cultural tourism is an apparent paradox. The solution to the funding problem may also be seen in the development of cultural tourism.

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However, the number of people actually visiting cultural attractions has also grown, indicating a very practical outcome of the culturisation of society. He is interested in European history and is also researching on it. It is an aftermath that no discrimination could exist in order to maximize the benefits.

In addition to the demand factors driving cultural tourism growth, there have been a number of important drivers that related to the supply of cultural attractions. This is not something different than the commodification. Any kind of heritage odds or ends compose an international cultural stained-glass and we should all be informed about them and be forced to work in the aforementioned direction.

European Commission Europeans and their holidays. Any participant in the cultural tourism sector should have in mind that cultural tourists are mainly well-educated people that seek novel experiences in an organized environment. It plays a crucial role to the restoration, conservation and survival of tangible and intangible heritage worldwide. Travel and Tourism Analyst no. Indeed, it is no coincidental that culture has become a product of tourist industry.

It can also include tourism in rural areas showcasing the traditions of indigenous cultural communities, and their values and lifestyle. Cultural tourism has the undivided support of the local citizens according to all the case studies I will report below. Who are the cultural tourists?

Richards has therefore argued that the growth of cultural tourism may actually be more supply driven than it is stimulated by a growth in demand for culture. As the issue of globalization takes place in this modern time, the challenge of preserving the few remaining cultural communities around the world is becoming hard. Where do they prefer to go? Different definitions have been developed for different purposes, whether to understand, measure or identify cultural tourism. The rationale for this type of definition is that cultural tourists can then be identified easily by reference to the trip data collected by most tourist boards.

The first definitional axis could therefore be termed the measurement-meaning axis. The conclusions summarize that during the last decades, the movement of sustainability has come to light affecting all aspects of human activity and drifting cultural tourism industry as well. The operational definitions concentrate on identifying cultural tourists, usually in order to measure the scale or scope of cultural tourism activity. In the past it was enough to know that someone had a specific trade, and had undergone a training for that trade to understand the cumulative experience they had.

In terms of demand, one of the most important arguments advanced is that there is an increased interest in culture in society as a whole. Richards has therefore suggested that cultural attractions might better be viewed as a dynamic field of attractions rather than static categories. Boekman Foundation, Amsterdam. One of the key reasons for the lack of information on the cultural tourism market is the fact that a consistent definition of cultural tourism does not exist. Izmir is a historical city e.

Cultural tourism

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Cultural tourism as serious leisure. Distinguishing cultural attractions through their products is no longer as simple as it used to be. In other words, strategic change management pdf cultural tourists are motivated to learn about the products and processes of other cultures. The most obvious positive consequence as a result of the existence of the cultural tourism is the economic growth of any specific area or of the country as a whole.

Anyhow, it is capable for both. But our understanding of the concept has not kept pace with its growth. Narratives are important because of the uncertainty and fragmentation of postmodern life.

PDF) What is Cultural Tourism

The need to piece together a coherent life history partly explains the postmodern concern with narrative. In this new competitive environment, the narrative provides a link between the culture being presented and the culture of the visitor. Of course, in this situation the power relationship between the supplier of cultural experiences and the consumer also begins to change. However, if we search it further, we discover a more dangerous impact of the cultural tourism which is able to deteriorate the physiognomy and the substance of the local culture.