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Maybe some people are interested in all that extraneous information. And I want to make sure that they are words that count.

What words would you use to conjure up an image of your music? She is a right example of a new carrier option for ladies of today's generation. He's versatile, Right from spinning live bollywood remixes and U. This one is simple enough for me. His escapades have taken him to the best pubs in and around Mumbai.

Historical Foundation of Physical Education and Sports. Authenticity will win over being fake.

Think in terms of keywords, here. Karan loves to experience different genres of music and experiment with them. He started playing the He began by doing gigs for friends at their house parties and such during his days in college.

You can see my bio on my personal site, dmichael. Chris Robley says that two small paragraphs, or about words, should be about right. Have I even accomplished enough to warrant a bio? His love for music derived from his experience on the keyboard and othermusical instruments. What are your career highlights, if any?

He has started steppingfurther to set a milestone in the field of Clubbing. One of the best Dj of India Dj Kiran need no introduction. One of the most prominent names in Club Culture and the Indian Dance music industries.

If you had to paint a word-picture that described your music, what terms would you use? It greatly pleases him that so many underground genres are becoming more mainstream in India. Writing it in third person seemed too pretentious and fake, as if I were playing the role of journalist pretending to review the work of someone else. Music is equivalent to life, so he believes. Knowing the road he wanted his career to take, Karan worked with a leading sound company to increase his technical know-how.

How do I go about bragging about myself? Do I write it in first person or third person?

Marguerite and Leni Johnson. As a producer, pianist, and promoter, he has found plenty of ways to express himself musically. The first time someone asked me for this, I went into an immediate panic. He hasnt looked back since.

Not too bad here, though that last line is a bit corny. Is someone else supposed to write it? What have you done to stand out?

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Otto Infinito, Bandra Kurla Complex. It allows me to put my daily stress and cares on the back burner for a bit and decompress. Woolgoolga United Football Club.

An image made by him in this industry of music is worth the respect given to him by others. This makes it somewhat dual-function. Write the main point you want to convey, and maybe one other thing. He can see a new wind blowing through the Indian music scene and is happy to be a part of it. He always leave sum musical memories to d crowd in every performnce.

Slowly but surely, he built a steady and dependable name for himself in the private circuit in Mumbai and around India and in started playing commercially. For Karan, music is the best medium to release energy and to re-energise oneself. This is also where you make the choice of whether or not to name-drop. Added to Cart Keep Shopping Checkout. Pubs, clubs and dancehalls.

Though he loves playing in nightclubs, patios and special events, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes. Unless of course he is going through his old records! Embellish all you want, here. Dj Karan has dropped tunes on the private circuit, commercially, as a guest disc jockey and even does Karaoke Nights. Where did your love for music really begin?

Music has been my journey. Never afraid to go too deep, his emotive musical selections are his own therapy. Yet, writing one in first person seemed too intimate and awkward.

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High profile clientele stand testimony to my superior styles of getting a party to life. After being associated with the best Mumbai clubs in the last five years, interview questions and answers networking pdf I confide in my abilities to deliver a cutting edge in music and stand true to my reputed profile. Pratik has begun Keeping in touch with the true rhythmof desi culture. How has your talent developed as an adult?

Not just Kolkata she has won numerous awards in various colleges from Mumbai and other parts of India too. Here are some ideas on what questions to answer in your bio. But ask him what his favourite tunes entail and without hesitation he will tell you its Hip-hop that steals his soul and makes it dance.

Keep your bio factual, but celebratory. In this post, I will teach you what I learned, and we will go through the process of re-writing my bio together. So, rather than continuing to ignore the problem, I decided to do some research on the subject and re-visit my own promotional blurb. His passion for music makes people dance on their toes, giving you a blast from the past from the maestro of Bollywood music. But he never stopped playing.

In very short time he had performed wd so many artist all around the world. Was this something I was supposed to have? After all, the last thing I want to do is make the person reading it feel uncomfortable!

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