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Does Hyundai have part replacement procedures available? There has developed in the railroad field a fairly effective technique to absorb impact forces caused by railroad cars bumping each other when being coupled together. Still another object of the present invention is to provide an energy-absorbing safety bumper having easily adjustable and replaceable kinetic energy absorbing elements. The cellular core is preferably made from a flexible open celled thermoplastic foam and is most preferably a flexible open celled polyurethane or the like. Hyundai Does Hyundai have part replacement procedures available?

The invention provides a resilient bumper assembly for a vehicle having an elongate horizontal beam mounted transversely to an end of the vehicle. By simply adopting a different pattern, shape or size of cavity, the resilience of the absorber may be easily adjusted. Subaru Do you have to replace a front passenger airbag on a Subaru even if the airbag did not deploy?

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The bumpers protroude farther from the body and the rear one no longer contains the taillamps. This ensures that the maximum safe elongation of these elements for the next impact can be maintained and their ability to absorb energy is fully utilized. The platform bed of a typical tractor-trailer is at the head height of seated adults in a typical passenger car, and can cause severe head trauma in even a moderate-speed collision. The repair information seems to indicate that it should.

Does Kia have a sectioning procedure available? Many efforts have been made to reduce the damage done as a result of the collision of a vehicle with another vehicle or with a fixed object. Click for automatic bibliography generation. Partitioned impact absorber made of two interfitting blocks, and a bumper beam including such an impact absorber.

Another conventional bumper is shown in U. The invention relates to a resilient bumper assembly for a vehicle having a horizontal beam, flexible sheet cladding and impact absorber of variable resilience. As an example, in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted four crash tests on three different-year examples of the Plymouth Horizon. This application is a continuation-in-part application of U.

The present invention, in contrast, requires only four washers and nuts threaded onto the four threaded studs to secure all components together on the beam. Thus it can provide sufficient time to activate the vehicle's secondary safety device, such as air bags or their equivalent. An elongate resilient impact absorber is mounted to the beam and may be housed within the optional internal chamber, with top, bottom, inner and outer surfaces.

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They presented the argument that the standard increased overall consumer costs without any attendant benefits except to automakers. Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to search for parts on the Honda or Acura vehicle in your shop?

Bumper (car)

One of the primary advantages of the bumper and bumper modules of this invention is that a number of different energy absorption systems are provided in a single improved energy absorption device. Thus, the energy transmitted by the colliding body is resisted first by compressing the air and then by forcing it between the surfaces. Thus, the kite runner pdf full book the principal part of the kinetic energy is controlled by doing mechanical work in the energy-absorber device and is not transmitted to the body carrying it.

Bumper reinforcements are replaced if damaged. Around people are killed this way in the United States annually. The present invention however provides a different means of managing the energy of impact, air flow and water accumulation. The cost and inconvenience of replacing frangible shock absorbing bumpers is unacceptable and in such applications a resilient deformable bumper is preferred.

Energy-absorbing elements for automobile bumpers and methods of making the same. Impact absorbing device and motor vehicle body structure incorporating the same. Another object of the present invention is to provide an energy-absorbing safety bumper advantageously usable with vehicles and guard rails and the like.


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Occupant protection aims at reducing these forces by spreading the occupant's changes in speed over longer times. Thus, the state of stress within the elements is entirely deterministic and this device becomes even more reliable. They may be formed in a variety of shapes and, for example, may be generally cylindrical, conical, or the like.

In the case of major impacts, the modular components of the bumper may be dislodged from the beam entirely. In particular, the rebounding effect can result in whiplash and the possibility of resultant neck, back and spinal injuries to the passengers in the vehicles. Use of open cell foam has the disadvantage that water is readily absorbed through leakage into the bumper and through vapour condensation.

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In another preferred aspect of this invention, the backing plate to which the bumpers and modules are secured covers the open end of the cavities. Bumpers ideally minimize height mismatches between vehicles and protect pedestrians from injury. Nissan Is there a wiring repair procedure for the airbag connector?

Under such conditions, normally ductile materials can be made to fail in a brittle manner with a substantial reduction in the energy absorbed during failure. Encasing a foam in an outer skin tends to spread the force imparted by an impacting body over a greater number of cells in the foam material. Another type of compressive force absorbing technique utilizes a system of deformable members which collapse under a compressive load.

Bumpers were added by automakers in the mids, but consisted a strip of steel across the front and back. Among the resilient materials useful in the bumpers and modules of this invention are relatively stiff rubbers and plastics such as polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, and the like. The embodiments described herein are intended to be exemplary of the types of energy absorbing bumpers and modules which fall within the scope of our invention. This arrangement offers additional assistance in dissipating the forces of a severe collision. Early car owners had the front spring hanger bolt replaced with ones long enough to be able to attach a metal bar.

This g-load is considered rather safe. Bumpers were at first just rigid metal bars. This tends to hold the front, contacting surface of the modules in their post crash position for a longer period of time. Do not straighten a damaged crush box. Does Hyundai have a sectioning procedure available?

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This energy is a function of vehicle mass and velocity squared. The location and character of stress-wave reflections will determine the location of peak stresses and determine preferred failure locations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.