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Chances are, trademark in india pdf plenty of your guests will speak English. English for Hotels and Tourism.

Have you finished the soup yet? We offer detailed reporting for classrooms acivity and grades. Do not microwave the bacon! Do you know how to speak politely to a guest in English?

English for Hotels and Tourism

Speaking about what you have done and what is ready. Some will be business guests, others will be tourists and visitors. Check out this list of figures of speech! Would you like anything to drink? Show related SlideShares at end.

How many bottles of beer should we order? Administration positions range from managers to secretaries. How about a cup of soup with your salad? Different versions for different uses English for Hotels comes in both Student self-study and Teacher blended-learning versions. You will find here definitions of vocabulary items related to hotels along with clear examples.

Hotel Vocabulary

Staff positions in a hotel can vary greatly depending on the type of hotel. Finally, the support staff look after the hotel itself e.

Reading activities can be downloaded audio and script for offline use. Their job will be to type the entire manager's correspondence and operate an organised filing system for any reports and data. Sustaining a proper demeanor during busy times or over the course of a long shift may be difficult. Hotel Staff Positions and Responsibilities Staff positions in a hotel can vary greatly depending on the type of hotel.

English for Hotel Staff

Hotel Staff Positions and Responsibilities

Coordinating orders to ensure that an entire table's meals are ready at the same time is essential, particularly in a large restaurant during busy dining periods. For example, they might have to fill in for the valet and spend time running the valet parking while the usual valet is away.

Frank has just taken the potatoes out of the oven. Students can earn achievements as they progress through the course with the ultimate goal of earning a certification. Welcome to Big Boy Hamburgers! Reporting Features We offer detailed reporting for classrooms acivity and grades. Good morning, how are you today?

It is the world's leading software suite for perfecting written English. General Managers tend to have job titles which will let you know which area of the hotel is their responsibility. Whether your job is to take reservations or clean the hotel rooms, these pages can help you learn important words and expressions to use on the job in the hotel industry.

We have unique activities The course includes custom-programmed reading, gap fill, listening, spelling, writing, and speaking activities. Can I get you some dessert? In many hotels managers will have a variety of assistants, whose job descriptions will usually depend on the hotel's size and its capacity.

What is English for Hotels

Successfully reported this slideshow. This is a hotel vocabulary list. Slice the turkey breast with this knife.

Usually it is the role of the Assistant Manager to employ and arrange the training of new staff, supervise staff and organise the running of their department, e. Resources Shared resources Teaching materials Blog. Students who complete the course will get a printable certificate they can share with friends and potential employers.

In smaller hotels the Assistant Managers could find themselves filling the position of absent workers. We need to order more eggs.

Hospitality English Test (visual)

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. That's one bacon hamburger, one macaroni and cheese and two diet Cokes. Front Office Managers are responsible for guest reservations while the Restaurant Manager would be in charge of the food and drink provided by the hotel.

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