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Maglalaro ng Pinoy na laro tulad ng Patintero Habulan at marami pang iba tapos uuwi ng bahay magbabasa ng funny komiks. Ang Pilipino Funny Komiks ay naging malaking bahagi ng buhay bata ko noo.

It will be very hard to part with one copy even, but i will let you know if I change my mind. Katie Tiedrich finds new, absurdist ways to look at the virtual worlds we inhabit in video games. Updates every Wednesday and Friday!

All the komiks I feature here are from my own collection. Kasi nung kabataan ko ay di ko naipon o naitabi yung mga komiks collection ko. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. Halong lungkot ang saya ang naramdaman ko. Masaya ako dahil natagpuan ko itong site na ito.

These comics take your favorite Gifs and imagine the stories around them. Claire's comics forgive you for the daily modern embarrassments you stumble over. For real, I decided to stop and it took him a month to stop meowing at the seiling for naught! By the next he caught me again. My wardrobe is full of pants but only two fit.

These are the black and white ones right? Email Send Have an account? Ibabasa ko sa mga anak ko to.

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Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Ang sarap balikan ng kabataan natin. Hi, Do you have any contacts to any of the publishers of the komiks?

Benton's cartoons feature simple observations on everyday life with surreal or ironic twists. Watercolor mixed with body horror. Complete with the horrors of life without internet, teacher trouble, observations about the weird world, and a trip to the future where robots rule.

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We just keep everything in our old bauls and bookshelves. You can read more about it and change your preferences here. Our own version of Dennis D'Menace.

These camera shots may transfer some positive thoughts. The lovabel mahimud ali best you very nice regards Hrithik Roshan. Sarap balikan ng kabataan. Happy Jar's great on its own, but Adventures of Business Cat is the best running gag in the strip. It was only a comic book, but it was still a comic book.

Facebook Pinterest Twitter. What I can show you now are the older copies I found in my komiks library.

Waiting for your postive response. Share On more Share On more More. My love for reading started with this komiks. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp.

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Nag-search ko sa Google ng mga images mula sa pahina ng Funny Komiks at itong blog mo ang nasumpungan ko. Since the early begging of adult comics, the client novel pdf they have usually depicted pretty girls constantly losing their clothes for some reason.

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Share On twitter Share On twitter Share. Full size snickers from now on. Mabuhay ang Filipino Culture! My grandfather used to buy me every issue.

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Dennis Wow, these pics give me the goosebumps. Your account is not active. Two right-handed cartoonists began drawing southpaw. Some jokes and cartoons may make the reader laugh. However, the Batmans are already gone to another person who emailed me earlier.

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Lisa Hanawalt lisadraws Follow So pissed this Cathy swimsuit only exists in my imagination. Sobra exposure sa english cartoons and technology.