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Culler gives good brief answers without oversimplifying the arguments to accommodate length. Literary theory is quite complex, and Culler acknowledges that it drives some readers away. Both these models, according to Culler, are extremely limiting and ignore what is most distinctive and exciting about lyric poems.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. So marked passages will become excellent future references.

This one is particularly enjoyable. Does the electronic version of the book completely replace the paper version? All in all, I'm less embarrassed when academics brandish these concepts. The introduction and first few chapters were fu If I'd taken the amount of time I spent complaining about this and just read it instead, I would be writing this review a week earlier. So this is the giant enterprise that the theorists have come to interrogate.

What is literature and does it matter? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Also, it's ten years old, and I'm sure that causes it to miss some of the major things happening in academia at the moment. They figured these values were to be found in literature.

Jonathan Culler

Jonathan Culler

Nevertheless, I got what I wanted from it. To be fair, this started off quite well. My thoughts here Sects and Violence in the Ancient World concur. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription.

Some brief overview of this book What is Literary Theory? My motivation was to better understand the literary theoretic ideas being used in software studies and game studies papers I read. Pretty basic lit theory stuff, although quite different from my theory text as an undergraduate Wellek and Warren, Theory of Literature.

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You can go and check again. Using examples from Foucault and Derrida, it shows that theory involves questioning the most basic assumptions of literary study. Some of the chapters made more sense to me than others. Pity the appalled English professor as sturdy vines of Derrida begin to twine round his calves.

The question that remains for me from this short introduction is how far the postmodern critique can logically apply to any particular work. That's just one example - amongs many. Culler sets out trying to define literature and theory, but soon degenerates into a comparison of literary studies and culture studies.

Literary Theory A Very Short Introduction by Jonathan Culler

Literary Theory A Very Short Introduction by Jonathan Culler

And it has too beautiful and ending to spoil, for which I added an extra star. The introduction and first few chapters were funny and simple enough for a novice like me to understand. The whole Very Short Introduction series is fantastic, but this is easily the best work I've come across. Public Health and Epidemiology.

In The Literary in Theory Culler discusses the notion of Theory and literary history's role in the larger realm of literary and cultural theory. But I want them to be about life, love, politics, the world, stuff! There's a lot packed into this small book. He defines Theory as an interdisciplinary body of work including structuralist linguistics, anthropology, Marxism, semiotics, psychoanalysis, and literary criticism.

Written for the intelligent lay or scholarly reader who knows nothing, this book provides a concise and compelling introduction to some of the major questions with which literary theory grapples. The careful and informed reader will make excellent use of this well-written book, which contains many useful examples. Culler's critics complain of his lack of distinction between literature and the institution of writing in general. Modern smartphones and computers can read files of any format. We did get a bit of that, but I left feeling bitter and jaded about an area of English literature I haven't even studied yet, anyway.

It has a useful appendix and a careful chapter-specific bibliography. Then came the chapter about cultural studies, and things took a downward turn from there. Intellectual Property Law. Is there a relationship between literature and culture? And is that even the right way to interrogate literature?

University of Toronto Press. Had I been a freshman in an Take it in increments. It's hard to know whether this book is a comprehensive introduction to literary theory, as it's the first whole book I've read on the subject. Theory is a body of thinking and writing whose limits are exceedingly hard to define. Of course, that could just be because I only understood about half of the things said.

The series is a good way to get quickly oriented in any of the subjects it covers, but a highlighter is necessary. Why is Saussure so elemental? Theory, then, offers not a set of solutions but the prospect of further thought. The best we can hope for is a perspective, a glimpse int Theory, then, offers not a set of solutions but the prospect of further thought.

The mistake is to think that it also in some way casts a shadow over literature itself. The idea is that novels are actually about other previous novels, films are about other films and the act of film-making, poems are about poetry and poems. The best we can hope for is a perspective, a glimpse into the field from as neutral point of view as possible. Terry Eagleton summed this line of thinking up by saying that this was throwing a few novels to the workers to stop them throwing up a few barricades. In fact, what is Literature, and does it matter?

It took all Wednesday and most of Thursday. The pure Lacanian died out in or so, and now the best critics draw on everything.

Jonathan Culler

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Jonathan Culler manages to do just that, as far as I can judge with my non-existent knowledge of the Theory. Those points are too in-depth for this book, how to convert a pdf file to a jpg file so in a way Jonathan Culler raises as many questions as he answers. These are the sorts of questions addressed by Jonathan Culler in a book which steers a clear path through a subject often perceived to be complex and impenetrable.