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This can make reading a motor nameplate a difficult or frustrating task. This parameter defines the length of time during which the motor can carry its nameplate rating safely. The letter code consists of letters from A to V. Yes I am trying to build a knife belt grinde. If thats not possible, please advice me about the bad effects.

Starting inrush is higher with universal motors. This number represents what the manufacturer has engineered the motor will rotate at under full load with the set frequency listed on the nameplate. The information contained on your site is excellent and I am very happy with the articles provided. What details a motor nameplate shows and how to use them. Power tools are universal motors, not your standard single phase motor.

Some manufacturers use type to define the motor as single-phase or poly-phase, single-phase or multi-speed or by type of construction. Thisis my motor - I can't seem to locate the frame size - can someone help? Any notion as to where to look? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins.

Duty is the length of time a motor can run without a cooling period. This rating is the maximum ambient temperature at which the meter can provide rated load without exceeding its maximum operating temperature indicated by the allowable temperature rise. This is usually displayed as a decimal. Usually within the frame size specifications comes two bearing specifications. The frame size provides a standard for details such as the location of mounting holes, a height of the shaft above the mounting plate, etc.

What details a motor nameplate shows and how to use them

Motor insulation systems that are rated for inverter use will be specified on the motor nameplate or a sticker. Its great information about a motor thanx for ur data. Robin, 4e d&d pdf We have discussed your questions with our motor specialist.

Do you know your frame size? So help me, I can't find the motor code or surge watts for the miter saw! The maximum ambient temperature at which a motor can operate is sometimes indicated on the nameplate. Also I think the model and serial numbers for a certain manufacturer is important and is shown on the nameplate also what about motor cooling and information about the cooling fan.

Full-load speed is the speed at which rated full-load torque is delivered at rated power output. If possible, you should test the inrush while on commercial power. Connection diagrams display information about connecting your motor to the proper voltage.

Facebook Linkedin Linkedin Twitter. The rated speed of the motor is the motor speed at rated voltage, rated frequency and rated load. This is the amount of power the motor is capable of delivering at the shaft on a continuous basis without exceeding its rated temperature. Very nice, thank for information about name plate of electric motors. May I get advise what could cause the above scenario.

How to Read a Motor Nameplate

Electric Motor Nameplate Details Explained

Locked rotor means the rotor is at standstill. Letters occurring later in the alphabet represent insulation that is better able to withstand temperature. Of course the motor catalogue contains some of the nameplate data. This is commonly referred to as inrush current or starting current.

The enclosure type displays information about how well the motor is protected from the environment. Thank you for the kind words Emmanuel! There may be two bearing specifications on a motor nameplate, the drive shaft bearing and the opposite drive shaft bearing. Efficiency and torque can be calculated on the basis of the nameplate information. It determines mounting dimensions such as the foot hole mounting pattern and the shaft height.

19 Essential Information You Can Find On Motor Nameplate

Some nameplates will have multiple frequency ratings. Some of the items that must be included are described next. Remember to be conservative.

The electric motor nameplate contains a variety of information that can be used to calculate other items. This article is the best so far. Changes to the operating voltage or frequency will change the operating speed. Such operation may reduce the life of the motor insulation. The first two numbers represent the shaft height from the mounting base.

What details a motor nameplate shows and how to use them

The moment of inertia is used for calculating the acceleration torque. Is easy to use and logically layed out.

Each motor manufacturer has its own labeling which is telling a lot of things about motor. Motor infuse is the current to bring the motor from rest to full speed. To account for such variations.