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Having read it, this is the book that the previous book should want to be when it grows up. In other words, this book has been written for those people who have reached the point where they now understand why SqlDataSource controls are not used by serious developers.

He's quite active around the Architecture sub forum at the asp. Enterprise Development can seem like rocket science. This book is extremely well structured, and covers each of its topics in just the right amount of depth, I felt. Prior to all of that, alternative methods to decouple dependencies are discussed.

The New View Into Enterprise IT

The authors are very careful to point out that they see their role as illustrators of the principles behind approaches, rather than advocators of rigid protocols. But it isn't a heavyweight academic text book either. Mocking is also covered, with a number of code samples that make use of Rhino Mocks. They probably don't fully understand how that might be realised yet.

It's not lightweight by any means. The code samples in this books are easily digestable and well explained. They are not over fussy, and therefore don't obscure the points that they are intended to illustrate.

Book Review - Professional Enterprise .NET

The book is then wrapped up with a concluding chapter and an appendix featuring a very brief C language primer. The result won't compete with StructureMap or Unity, but it will help the reader to understand very quickly what these tools are all about.

Professional Enterprise .NET

The New View Into Enterprise IT

Security Threat identification, prevention, compliance, audits, monitoring and management. It is surrounded in a language and mystique that outsiders can find daunting - even impenetrable. The book is pitched almost just right at the target it is aimed at. StructureMap is then examined by example. If you recognise yourself in the description of the kind of developer this book is intended for, I really recommend that you get youself a copy of it.

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Book Review - Professional Enterprise. NetWolves is your partner, save pdf microsoft word not just your vendor. We have the ability to customize solutions based on your specific business drivers. The chapter finishes with an extremely thorough and clear discussion on Dependency Injection.