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Language is unique to Homo sapiens. Keep up the good work mate.

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Language is neither learnt nor taught. Because current upload is missing lots of pages. Some kinds of migratory birds navigate thousands of miles by calibrating the positions of the constellations against the time of day and year. You have entered an incorrect email address! Their video classes are available only here -.

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Language is a cultural artifact. Language is learnt as we grow. Ability to communicate information to other members of the species.

Pearson Education India Bol. Language is a psychological faculty. No comprehrnsion or quizzes yet. They are the best ca final faculties in India.

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These are very useful books for students specially for those who are preparing for competitive tests. Hence, option E does not stem from popular wisdom like the other options. We are happy to help you make successful in your exams.

Language is a cultural invention. The commute in city wastes lot of time. Thinking of language as an instinct inverts the popular wisdom, especially as it has been passed down in the canon of the humanities and social sciences. Hello, i am not able to download the material. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

People dont have time for classroom coaching. Ability to communicate with each other through voice modulation. Instead, it is a distinct piece of the biological makeup of our brains.

People think its an smarter decision and saved a lot of time by not joining so many classes in different parts of city. This gives an added benefit of enriching knowledge. Language is not a cultural invention or artifact as it is made out. Get all the ebooks related to cat preparation.

Reading Comprehension for the Cat

It instead is suggested by cognitive scientists and the author as a view contrary to popular wisdom. Hence option E is correct.


Language is instinctive ability of human beings. Please enter your name here.

Will you please upload the English massive collection of novels because its blank or please share the link. He has also written a number of books and articles for various reputed publications, and given guest lectures and appeared at seminars across the country. Only constant reading is required for Vocabulary. However, this is not the case.

Ability to use symbols while communicating with one another. Your email address will not be published. This shows the correct option to be D.

See all free Kindle reading apps. This reading comprehension for the cat sujit has detailed concepts about reading comprehension, different difficulty levels, and detailed explanations to all the answers. This book has detailed concepts about reading comprrhension, different difficulty levels, seminar report on sixth sense technology pdf and detailed explanations to all the answers.

Rest of the qualities mentioned in other options are developed over a period of time. The Novel link is not opening. Some of his papers and articles on oil and gas have been presented to top government officials and have helped shape the industry structure in India. It conveys the idea that people know how to talk in more or less the sense that spiders know how to spin webs.

Reading Comprehension for CAT Practice Questions Set 3 PDF - Cracku

Select from the following domains -. Language is no more a cultural invention than is upright posture. Scarcity of good faculty in locality who can teach subjects well.


Ability to use sound as means of communication. Putting a regular schedule for study after being employed is difficult.

This book comprehejsion a wide range of topics, specifically the reading comprehension section. Reading comprehension for the cat sujit kumar book even lists the various difficulty levels and explains the answers in reading comprehension for the cat sujit kumar.


Rather, spiders spin spider webs because they have spider brains, which give them the urge to spin and the competence to succeed. For these reasons some cognitive scientists have described language as a psychological faculty, a mental organ, a neural system, and a computational module. Just read articles in newspapers and magazines. Language is use of symbols unique to human beings. Some kinds of bats home in on flying insects using Doppler sonar.


Byju Videos are not easily available online. Web-spinning was not invented by some unsung spider genius and does not depend on having had the right education or on having an aptitude for architecture or the construction trades.

Replete with advice and guidance, students will find this book to be an invaluable test prep tool rather than just a practice book. The lucid, step-by-step approach of concepts and their applied aspects in this text makes for an easy learning experience. Although there are differences between webs and words, I will encourage you to see language in this way, for it helps to make sense of the phenomena we will explore.