Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Manual Pdf

Idle screen When the device is in Idle mode, you will see the idle screen. Open the shortcuts panel from the top of the screen.

Samsung Ace La Fleur user manual

When making the call, pressed the home key button and that will put screen to ur usual window but call still in progress. Not finding what you're looking for? Download the latest version of Kies from the. Camera Rotate the device anti-clockwise to landscape view. Control the touch screen by tapping, tapping and holding, or dragging across it.

Dust can cause your device to malfunction. Open the music, press stop button, then press back button. To You can lock the touch screen and keys to prevent any add items to the idle screen, unwanted device operations. That suppose to be the fastest ways.

Avoid exposing the battery to high external pressure, which can lead to an internal short circuit and overheating. In Idle mode, select to access the application list. Is the volume button not on the left hand side of the phone? In Idle mode, open the application list and select Enter a page title and a web address.

Please tell me procedure for that. Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages. Now your Ace is in portrait view. There is no search result.

To add a ringtone go click on the song and it will ask you to set as and you select ringtone you can only set ringtone to a contact that is saved to the phone. Using an incompatible Insert a memory card with the gold-coloured contacts memory card may damage your device or the facing down.

Settings Accounts and sync. Learn to perform mathematical calculations directly on To delete a file, select the check box and then select your device like a typical hand-held or desktop calculator.

Samsung Galaxy Ace User Manual pages. Smart Switch Easily transfer data from your old phone to your new Galaxy smartphone. Hi, have just upgraded to Samsung Galaxy Ace. Just download one of this Manual that suit for you needs.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 user guide manual

Samsung Galaxy Ace Manual / User Guide

Batteries may explode when overheated. If you turn on your device for the first time, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your device. Format the memory card only on the device.

Before you send and receive email messages, you must add an email account. For a multimedia message, select a message to view the details. Page Protect Your Hearing Using generic batteries or chargers may shorten the life of your device or cause the device to malfunction. Open the cover of the multifunction jack.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 user manual

Coz the camera only use at back side one. Enter the user name and password and select Connect. You can boot up your device in Safe Mode if you wish to troubleshoot whether or not added applications are causing problems with the device.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Manual User Guide

Select Save to add the contact to memory. Incompatible batteries and chargers can the charger by pulling on the cord cause serious injuries or damage to your device.

Additional Tutorial including all of the menu and applications that preloaded within the Smartphone. How can i download attachment file from gmail? Secondly hw can u copy a post from e. What shall I do to have it when I try to use the mobile? You can also access the call log to redial recently dialled numbers.

Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. Wipe both gold- Your Samsung mobile device must have sufficient coloured contacts with a clean, private international law pdf soft cloth and try available memory and battery power to operate the charging the battery again.


Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Manual User Guide

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 user manual