Six Stroke Engine Pdf

Fresh water from the water Inlet valves enters the cylinders through the secondary water Induction system. The six-stroke engine is an internal combustion engine with an advance feature of more power generation.

Direct Injection and optimal fuel combustion at every engine speed. Chemical, noise and thermal pollution are reduced. Increase in size of engine due to extra two Strokes Fifth and sixth. This movement will give an additional two stroke for the same cycle.

Therefore, the shape of the follower must be changed from flat to roller or spherical shape. The heat is used to generate the steam from the water which is further used as a working fluid for the Additional Power Stroke. Better scavenging can be get in fifth stroke. The six-stroke engine is a radical hybridization of two and four stroke engine that the top portion of two stroke engines and the bottom rather the middle section of a four stroke engine. But before the piston reaches its highest position, the spark plug injected the air-fuel mixture and the mixture ignites, increasing the pressure and temperature of the cylinder.


The engine which we get by adding two more stroke in existing four stroke engines generates more power with higher fuel efficiency. During the combustion and the air heating processes, the valves could open under the pressure within the chambers. Being a six-stroke cycle, the camshaft speed in one third of the crankshaft speed. Methanol-petrol mixture is also recommended. But in six stroke engines the exhausted gases are used which are left after combustion in next stroke for generating steam from water.

Six stroke engine pdf
Six stroke engine pdf

The piston moves upwards forcing the pure air into the combustion chamber. It also increases the compression ratio.

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Those events that affect the motion of the crankshaft are called dynamic events and those, which do not effect are called static events. High Initial cost Due to change in gear structure. The two others are made of heavy-duty heat-resisting material. The big advantages is that, we have got in six stroke engine, the waste of heat created the power in fifth stroke, and power has to be generated in the fifth stroke Due to the waste of heat. Steam stroke cools the engine internally, hence use of much higher compression ratios.

There was a modification to the cylinder head, in which he used two supplementary fixed capacity chambers, a combustion chamber and an air preheating chamber above each cylinder is done. An allied with the so-responsive pickup and a wide spread of usable power, makes the bike ridiculously easy to ride. On this paper the six stroke engine is described. The combustion converts chemical energy into usable power, and likewise, the vaporization of water converts waste heat energy into usable power. The six-stroke engine is a type of internal combustion engine with an advance feature of more power generation some complexity intended to make it more efficient and utilize the fuel.

The engine weight is balanced by addition of water tank and eliminating cooling arrangement which is not needed as waste heat is being is used up. The high pressure achieved from previous cylinder is then released into the cylinder to work as power or expansion stroke. The first six stroke engines.


So it is necessary to keep Camshaft pulley three times bigger than crank shaft pulley. The sketches shows the cylinder head equipped with both chambers and four valves of which two are conventional intake and exhaust. In the internal combustion there is direct contact between air and the working fluid, whereas there is no direct contact between air and the working fluid in the external combustion process.

The engine works on the principle of a heated exhaust jacketed external vaporizer, inside which the fuel is being sprayed. Two expansion work through six stroke.

The air-heating chamber is isolated from the cylinder head to reduce thermal loss. So, in six stroke, fuel consumption is reduced and increases its power. Both the inlet valve and exhaust valves are closed and the air- fuel mixture is compressed. You hardly need to use the gearbox, just park it in top gear and ride.

The six-stroke engine fits perfectly into this view. Due to lightness of moving parts, it has less inertia. Generally, the one compression and one power strokes are added to cycles which have higher thermal efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption. This heated and pressurized air is used to power an additional stroke of the piston. The combustion chambers walls are glowing when the engine is running.

There is, at this day, no wonder solution for the replacement of the internal combustion engine. Both valves remain closed. The combustion and air-heating chambers have different compression ratio. On the other hand, the compression ratio is low for the combustion chamber because of effectively increased volumen, which operates on internal combustion cycle. The pistons go up and down six times for each injection of fuel.

Six Stroke Engine PDF DownloadSix stroke engine pdf

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The difference in inflammability or antiknock rating does not present any problem in combustion. The six stroke engine may be further work in the otto and duel cycle. The compression ratio is high for the heating chamber, which operates on an external cycle and is supplied solely with pure air. Remember me on this computer. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer.

Six Stroke Engine PDF Download

In four stroke engine, the cycle of operation take place in four stroke which are Suction or intake stroke, compression stroke, expansion or power stroke and exhaust stroke. The rapid vaporization of the water during the fifth stroke is similar to the combustion of the gasoline. During the compression stroke, mcdonalds franchise pdf the piston moves upward compressing the air-fuel mixture in the clearance volume. He creates a hybrid engine.

These engines almost consist of similar components as that of the four stroke engine with addition of two more valves. Six-stroke engine is mainly due to the radical hybridization of two- and four-stroke technology.