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What is Sufism

Whoever listens to it as is its due attains realization, and whoever listens to it for the sake of his ego commits heresy. Sesame seeds were in one of the bowls, and water was in the other. In fact, Sufism is nothing but inward and outward sincerity. Consciousness of God pervades his or her every moment. While diluted derivatives abound, by the grace of the Almighty the essence of Sufism endures.

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How can a part become the whole? Deteriorated forms have emerged. And on the third journey I came across sciences understood by neither the common folk nor the elect.

PDF) The Sufi Teachings of Dhu l-Nun

Through years of effort, Sufi masters developed a scientific approach to achieving such refinement. It is said that one who realizes oneself realizes the Lord. Discovering and fulfilling the Divine potential ultimately results in unflinching faith and certainty of truth.

Human beings from the beginning of time have tried to resolve this dilemma. Only after he or she has polished the heart and purified the self will the curtains lift, the rust fall away, and the eyes become able to see God. Their senses can hear, touch, see, taste, and smell material things, but the Supreme Being eludes detection by these means. Foremost among these centers is the heart. Then, the earth split open and two bowls appeared, one of which was gold and the other silver.

They discovered that in addition to the mind, human beings have other centers of consciousness that serve as inner faculties for attaining knowledge. Nonetheless, this tendency is present in every human being. The average person is ego-centered. This, too, misrepresents its focus.

Like many other disciplines, Sufism has come under the influence of people who lack proper training. If Sufism is defined as mysticism or the way of the mystic, then its message addresses all people, not just the followers of one religion. According to Sufi teachings, wind energy project pdf the path to experiencing the Divine Presence starts within. The Sufi Teachings of Dhu'l-Nun.

PDF) The Sufi Teachings of Dhu l-NunMohammed Rustom

Other forms of education focus on the mind or the body, on developing skills, professional qualifications, or character. Sufism is not primarily concerned with power or intellectuality. Sufism does not focus only on the purification of the individual. Through selfless obedience, the seeker comes to recognize the Presence of the Divine in each event and circumstance. In every nation and community there have been Sufis, although they have taken different names and adopted varying practices.

How can a particle contact the sun? Every faith has its own Sufism. An encounter, event, or realization opens them to a reality greater than themselves.

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Individuals are imbued with this tendency to differing degrees. For most, this level of awakening is enough. Today, researchers in the fields of human consciousness, quantum physics, biology, chemistry, and psychology are drawing conclusions that parallel premises of Sufism.

He or she becomes conscious of God acting in and through creation. Approach of Early Sufi towad Sama. For example, many scientists now take into account the fundamental interrelatedness of all phenomena. Many people attain this level of awareness at some point in their lives.

Unto The One The Sufi Path and Traditional Islam

With this light dawns the understanding that beyond material phenomena, there exists a Being of which everything in the universe is a reflection. So let him trust in Me and depend upon Me. He or she becomes a sincere servant of the Almighty.

Those who pursue the Sufi path discover the secrets of awakening the heart. It also remains relevant, offering principles that we can use as bases for our intentions and actions even in the post-modern age. The bird began to eat and drink from them.

Had it not been for my Lord, I would not have known my Lord. Some people have a chance to develop and translate it into their daily lives, while others do not.

Remember me on this computer. They want their faith to spring forth spontaneously and continuously, like water rushing from a fountain. What was the cause of your repentance?