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And as you devour this gripping, intensely thrilling masterpiece, you will have no option but to agree. But, with all honesty, I regret not having read them as this book was simply wonderful. Ravi Subramanian, is actually a banker, but he prefers to call himself the John Grishman of banking. The subtle, yet commonly gossiped about fact that powerful corporate houses run the nation is well weaved into the plot as Mr. The racy narrative style coupled with an element of surprise, shock and anxiety, which are released in doses as the pages turn, make the book a definite winner.

In it, you will find a stark reality - a place that many dare not explore. Read how astrology and a fascination for gemstones played into the banking operations of the super-rich. It is a fast paced thriller with interwoven stories involving some of the most intricate characters. When I say very well written doesn't necessarily mean that there are no flaws in this book.

What starts off as an innocuous task of opening a current account which is one of the basic operations in any bank soon takes on a dangerous overtone. We have been sheep but we must now carve out a new way as our world has begun to crumble from the inside out. The plot is written is such a way that there seems a possibility in reality, and which is very successful attempt. Examples of how this has worked to the disadvantage of Americans are the many stock market debacles and the manipulation of foreign currencies to force devaluations. From murder to politics to racketeering to money laundering, this novel has it all with a top up of some very interesting characters.

Ravi Subramanian continues his dream run with banking chronicles, in yet another unputdownable financial thriller, this time in the form of The Bankster. Caught up, either knowingly or unknowingly, in the entire racket of blood diamonds, money laundering, political games are the people working in Greater Boston Global Bank. So obviously the quote on the cover raised my expectation from the book and at the same time it also made me a bit vary.

Quite a few things were unrealistic especially Joseph Braganza and may seem immature to some of us. He claims it is unsafe and wants the government to take proper measures.

The Bankster By Ravi Subramanian Pdf Free

The title illustrated that the book would promise intrigue. The author has a captivating style of writing which you enjoy. We should give it to the characterisation of Karan, who very deftly handles and delves into the minds of the executioners.

He unravels how financiers usurped the money creating power of the state to substitute a facsimile of money-as-debt. After all, bankers are also good marketeers. The author has spared us details of each characters life, merely giving us some insight and moving on thus not breaking the flow.

The reader will always keep wondering after all who The Bankster among the characters is! You can't not-read The Bankster Well, first of all my gratitude towards BlogAdda to provide me the opportunity to review this book. However, The Bankster pretty much clearly exhibits the links and demonstrates their entanglement. The book is around pages and has a nice, sleek look. Unfortunately, kenwood tr-7850 manual pdf one can't say the same for the characters in the book.

When Ravi is called the John Grisham of banking, the expectations are immense. The prologue sets the tone and the mood for the entire b Ravi Subramanian has been eulogized by the Wall Street Journal as the John Grisham of banking.

Overall, The Bankster is simply an entertaining, enlightening and an unputdownable thriller. The Bankster starts off on an interesting premise.

He is running out of time and trusts only Kavya while he uncovers the truth and a connection you couldn't even imagine. The author has skillfully described settings for each locale in detail. When a generation learned it would pay a high price for the arrogance and greed of its business elite.

Malcolm Doney, Author The title of this Book conveys a great deal of what this subject is about. Almost all characters get their due time to be established well within the story, most of them in the first half, step by step. There are three parallel stories going on that keep you in the loop with the complete picture yet successfully blind you from the main culprit. The epilogue has a nice dodge, which I liked.

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And not to forget is the episode at Vienna and how the police department leaves no stones unturned to get the perpetrators of crime to book. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Dharini, and daughter, Anusha.

He turns out to be so though he is not that bad a writer. As profound a story as any since the destruction of the Roman Empire. It also covers the protest against the Nuclear Power Plant in Kerala by an old man, arms deal between nations in exchange for diamonds. The story is pretty fast paced and at no point does it give a chance to put down the book.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His best-selling books, The Illuminati Trilogy and Cosmic Trigger, have delighted readers the world over and made the Illuminati conspiracy the perfect metaphor for our time.

Most apocalypse stories begin sometime in the future, after the devastation has been wrought. Books by Ravi Subramanian. Knowing that these stories are intricately linked to a bank, the adrenaline kicks in to devour the book. In Mumbai, an international bank is stunned by the mysterious deaths of its key employees. So how do we create peace and stop the hate that perpetuates the fear that keeps us stuck on the old dirty highways of the past?

The Bankster

The jigsaw pieces begin to fall together, the accidental deaths are now confirmed as murder. With three best selling thrillers on banking already in his kitty, Ravi Subramanian continues to keep the readers on the very edge with this Bank lore.