The Case For India Will Durant Pdf

As a country, we have such a poor sense of history. This great book provides detailed account how the British systematically robbed and exploited Indian wealth.


Figures and numbers of the British loot of India will shock anyone. Such was the India which the British found when they came.

The Case for India by Will Durant

Thousands of miles of railways could have helped in managing famines by transporting food, but it never happened. Even people with the best of intentions do have their own unacknowledged biases. The result of this is that a reader is able to comprehend in a much more visual manner, the extent of brutality inflicted upon India by the British Raj. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I've been reading a lot of India books lately, and this one is probably the last on the list.

On many levels, this is an excellent book. Stumbled upon this book by chance and it turned out to be good in a sense that it made me introspect into our own independence movement. History is written by the victors, by the survivors and also by the spectators.

India's wealth depleted in these two centuries. The reading itself is easy.

Lastly, Indians were considered incompetent by Britain and other western countries. Coming from an American, we can be rest assured that it is as impartial as it can get. Durant, of course, tends to be objective and fact-led in all his writings. While the last section of the book talks about arguments of British makes to stand his case.

Mother India is not a balanced book. Blogs I visit Often DesiTech. India has respected other nations and other religions, always.

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British increased the rift between Hindus and Muslims. If cabin crew were replaced by autodrivers. The first introductory chapter is laden with accurate proofs and statistics on how British intelligently poverished the Indian subcontinent. He has painstakingly categorized and catalogued the effects of the British rule under relevant headings, such as Economic Destruction, Social Destruction, and so on. They banned his book throughout the Empire, which comprehended a quarter of the Globe.

Peasants became paupers due to crushing land tax. Court verdicts always favored Englishmen against Indians. No Indian must forget the injustices he has suffered at the hands of the Raj and must forever be It is excellent that this important yet forgotten book has been brought back into print. What I liked the most in the book is it does not decide whether the British rule in India was good or bad. One of the most comprehensive and an unbiased account of british atrocity rule from the eyes of an american historian.

The Case For India by Will Durant

It is excellent that this important yet forgotten book has been brought back into print. Other avataars Virtual India blog.

Perhaps this would be useful as a reference guide, though I wouldn't suggest reading it straight through as I did. It was written before Independence of India.

The fact that many Indian institutions were destroyed by the British and how they introduced their education system is well presented. India was a far greater industrial and manufacturing nation than any in Europe or than any other in Asia. Vibhuti - Re Inventive Prashanth.

The author has given some very interesting and informative information regarding the extent of brutality that was practiced by the British. It was this wealth that the East India Company proposed to appropriate. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! The book talks of how Indian industry was broken and how farmers were driven to penury in supporting the opulent lifestyles of company and British officials.

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The Case For India by Will DurantWowzio Live Activity Feed

He has put forward from a neutral mindset, that what effects were witnessed during that rule. Not only was she the greatest ship-building nation, but she had great commerce and trade by land and sea which extended to all known civilized countries.

Will Durant is undoubtedly epitome in telling a case with a fresh perspective and does not fear to do so. The first, is that it is a rare book where a Western author has presented the case for India so very compellingly. The latter part of the book also summarizes the case that the British officers made for their continued rule over India. Looking at the British treatment of India and her people, salgsmelding pdf it is natural to have animosity toward them and a strong desire to avenge the injustices caused by them.

The presentation of Gandhi as a public figure is romanticized to a certain degree. If you thought he was bad before, read the book.

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The Case For India by Will Durant

Read the book once then you will understand why this book was banned by the british parliament. Durant is the greatest historian of all time, but the task he takes on here is too much even for him. Durant presents this argument in an uninterrupted passage, and follows it up with a point-by-point refutation of several claims and justifications.