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Raise presser foot lifter. Reservados todos los derechos. Push bobbin winder shaft to far left position, if it is not already there. Place your fabric under Este pata se utiliza para guiar el the foot with its edge against the edge material durante el overlocado. For this reason it is recommended for overcasting all types of fabrics.

Singer 2639 Instruction ManualGeniolandia

Singer 2639 Instruction Manual

With the extension table in position, it provides a large working surface. Then turn the hem up the required depth, press and pin in place.

Pull the thread out from the spool and place it through thread guides as shown in illustration. Holding agujero en el centro. Con el bastidor de Stretch fabric with an embroidery bordar tense el material con el hoop with the hole at center.

SINGER 7258 Instruction Manual

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Raise the needle to its highest position by rotating the hand wheel toward you counter-clockwise. Let's begin by following the steps below. You can also use this foot to gather one fabric while simultaneously attaching it to another fabric which remains flat.

SINGER 7258 Instruction Manual

Page Other Information A twin-needle produces two rows of parallel stitches for pin tucks, double top stitching and decorative sewing. Comencemos siguiendo los pasos abajo.

Now fold the fabric as illustrated. Carefully mark the position of buttonhole on your garment. Push up the bulb slightly and turn counterclockwise. Replace the bobbin case with the projection D positioned against the spring E.

Push it up for blue patterns. Alzar la palanca det pie prensatetas. Rotate the lever to the rear of the machine.

Turn the hand wheel toward you until the needle is in its highest position. Always be sure to raise the presser foot lifter before threading the top thread. Lorsque le message d'aide apparait, mensaje de ayuda en pantalta. Pull end of thread through hole in bobbin as shown. De no hacerlo asi se romperan las agujas y podria resultar dafiada la maquina.

Disconnect the machine from power supply before changing a bulb. Place the desired foot on the needle plate aligning the presser foot pin with the foot holder.

If in doubt please contact your retailer for guidance. It can also be used for sewing over thin tape in an opposite or same color.

If the thread spool has a thread retaining slit, it should be placed to the right. Cotoque el carrete de hito en el porta carrete y asegQrelo l'aide du couvre-fil. Bobbin winder is moved to right operating position during sewing. Place your fabric under the foot with its edge against the edge guide and start to sew.

El control de velocidad se mueve horizontalmente vitesse. Cuando aparezca un mensaje resoudre le probleme en suivant les instructions ci-dessous. Using a hoop will give you better control as you work. Hoop your fabric before sewing.

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Holding needle thread loosely with your left hand, turn hand wheel towards you with your right hand first lowering the needle and continuing until the needle comes to its highest position. Pull down lever while holding the end of thread.

Raise the presser foot lifter. Align the buttonhole mark on the fabric with the mark on the buttonhole foot, and then lower the buttonhole foot. Insert new bulb, feuerbach essence of christianity pdf push up and turn clockwise. Coloque el material debajo del pie. Do this by turning it under on fine fabrics or overcasting it on medium to heavyweight fabrics.


Sew buttonhole so that zigzag stitches cover the cord. La puntada recta se usa mas frecuentemente para coser todo Apprenez a vous servir correctement de votre machine, tipos de costura. Placez te tissu sous te pied. Siempre asegQrese de tevantar releveur de pied presseur avant d'enfiler le fil superieur.

Veittez a toujours etever A. Manteniendo flojo el hilo de ta aguja con la mano izquierda, faisant remonter l'aiguille a sa position la plus haute. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser ce pied y facitmente.

First finish the raw edge. Pour assembler deux morceaux de tissus, laisser un peu d'espace entre les deux. Always disconnect the machine from power supply by removing the plug from the wall- outlet.

Pass thread from spool through thread guides as shown. It also produces a delicate finos y suaves. Place bobbin onto shaft with end of thread coming from top of bobbin. Place a spool of thread on the spool pin, and secure it with the spool pin cap.